Kiosk Computer Issues

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When to Get Help

We have plenty of support articles such as setting up your Model A kiosksetting up your model B kiosk, and how to print from a kiosk. If you're unsure how to use the kiosk, you can read more here.

Depending on your issue, you may need to contact different members of our team. The information in this article will focus on kiosk technology issues, although we outline who to contact if you're having any other issue below as well.

Kiosk Technology

Issues Like...
Who to Contact
  • If the kiosk computer does not start
  • If your kiosk reboots and does not come back online
  • If your kiosk is having difficulty connecting to the wifi
  • If an application (like Zoom or Word) will not load

Contact Technology by Design


Issues Like...
Who to Contact
  • Your kiosk does print, scan, or copy
  • Your printer or kiosk is showing errors about printing
  • Your printer is not connecting to wifi
  • Your kiosk is not connecting to your kiosk
  • You need more ink

Refer to our article on printer issues

Furniture Questions

Issues Like...
Who to Contact
  • Model A cart
  • Model B desk or chair
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Package and component issues:
    • Missing pieces
    • Lost packages

Contact Laciey with A2J Tech

Host Site Coordination

Issues Like...
Who to Contact
  • Questions about your MOU
  • Questions about use
  • Coordinating scheduling or video meeting appointments

Contact your leal aid partner

How to Get Help

You can call, email, or submit a support ticket to get help with your issue. Our technology provider, Technology by Design, will ask you some questions to figure out what the issue is and walk you through how to get the kiosk up and running again.

When you contact Technology by Design, please ensure to provide them with

  1. Your kiosk's serial number. This can be found by clicking on the Support button on the kiosk desktop. Not sure how to find the kiosk desktop? Read more below.

If you can't access your kiosk's desktop, you can also find your serial number under the monitor bezel.
  1. Your name, your organization, and how best to contact you if you are leaving a message or are disconnected.
  2. A detailed description of the problem, its context (what was happening when the problem occurred), and its impact (severity) on your role.
  3. The application you were using.
  4. Any error messages associated with the issue.

How to Get to the Desktop

You can always find the main menu wherever you are in the kiosk in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Here you will find some icons.

  1. Web Browser: this icon will launch our main menu that can connect you with resources, programs, and free legal assistance. You can also use this as a normal web browser to check your email or surf the web.
  2. Kiosk Desktop: this icon will bring you to the desktop of the kiosk as seen in the first image above. Here you can end a session, start scanning, or launch the web browser.

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