Changing a Participant's Name in a Video Meeting

Updated 2 years ago by Triana Kalmanoff

Model B kiosks are perfect for attending a meeting with an attorney, participating in a virtual clinic, or attending a court hearing online. Model B kiosks are set up with Zoom software already, so all the user needs is your meeting information. To learn more about setting up a video meeting, read more here. When the user enters a Zoom meeting from a kiosk, they will automatically enter with the name "Kiosk". Please ask them to change their name so others can see who they are speaking with. You can walk them through the steps below.

  1. Once they have joined the meeting, ask them to click on Participants on the bottom tool-bar. This should bring up a list of the meeting participants on the right of the screen.

  1. Ask them to hover their mouse over "Kiosk" name until they see the button for More >.

  1. Ask them to click on More > and then on Rename.

  1. Have them enter their first and last name. Then click OK.

You should now see their real name listed.

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