Saving and Sharing a File

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There are a number of reasons you might need to open, edit, or create a file with a legal kiosk. You might need to download and fill out a court form or create a file to share with your attorney. Follow these step-by-step instructions on how to open, edit, create, save, and share files on the legal kiosk.

Opening and Editing a File

Files from the web should open automatically in the kiosk's applications. For instance, court forms opened on the Minnesota Court's website will open with the kiosk's Adobe PDF reader. This will allow you to edit or save the form to the kiosk. To learn more about saving or sharing a file, read more below.

Creating a File

To create a file from scratch, navigate to the kiosk desktop. From there you can run a variety of Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

Saving a File

  1. When you are ready to save a file, whether it's a new or an edited version of an existing file, click on the save icon or go to "File" and the "Save".
  2. This will bring up the document dialogue box. Select browse to choose the destination of your file, then choose "Documents".
  3. Click Open. This will save the file in the "Documents" folder of the kiosk desktop.

Sharing a File

There are a few ways you can share your document from the kiosk.

Attaching Your File to an Email

It's easy to attach a file to an email. You can email to yourself, your attorney, or anyone who might need the document.

  1. Starting from the kiosk's web browser, open a new tab
  2. Log in to your email. The most common email provider login portals are listed below. They will open in a new tab so you can log in and still get back to these instructions.
    1. Gmail
    2. Yahoo
    3. Outlook
    4. AOL
    5. iCloud
    6. Comcast/Xfinity
  3. Attach the file to an email. This will differ depending on which email provider you have.
  4. When the document selector pop-up appears, select the "Documents" folder and then your file. Then click "Open"
  5. Your file will now be attached to the email and you can send it to yourself for later or to someone else.
Sharing Your File in a Video Meeting

To share a document during a video meeting you can open the document and share your screen, allowing other meeting participants to view what is open on the kiosk's screen. Learn how to share your screen during a video meeting and how to give remote control of your screen during a virtual meeting

Printing a File

Read our step-by-step instructions on printing a file.

Getting Back Home

You can always find the main menu wherever you are in the kiosk in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Here you will find some icons.

  1. Web Browser: this icon will launch our main menu that can connect you with resources, programs, and free legal assistance. You can also use this as a normal web browser to check your email or surf the web.
  2. Kiosk Desktop: this icon will bring you to the desktop of the kiosk as seen in the first image above. Here you can end a session, start scanning, or launch the web browser.
  3. Scanner Window: You will only see this if you are scanning.

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