Packages and Components

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The Legal Kiosk Project could not happen without the participation of host sites like yours. We appreciate your ongoing support and commitment to the communities that need access to legal aid services now more than ever. COVID-19 has made many things difficult compared to our pre-pandemic world, including installing the kiosks. Thank you for working through this with us to make the deliveries, installation, and execution happen as safely as possible for your staff, vendors, and clients.


In order to create the best kiosk experience possible, we sourced components from a number of different vendors. Host sites have received many deliveries from multiple vendors. Below please find a list of the components that you should have for a complete kiosk:



Model A

Model B


Power strip

Automatic hand sanitizer dispenser

Hand sanitizer dispenser stand

Gallon jug of hand sanitizer

Batteries for hand sanitizer dispenser

Kiosk cart

 Desk and Chair


Washable keyboard

Washable mouse

Privacy Screen

Document camera



Washable keyboards and mice for each kiosk should be swapped out for the original ones so that they can be regularly sanitized in accordance with our safety protocol.
If you have not received any of the above pieces, please contact Laciey with A2J Tech.

To assemble the kiosks and get them up and running, see our step-by-step instructions for the Model A and the Model B kiosks.

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