Hosting a Video Meeting

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Model B kiosks are perfect for hosting a video meeting with community members that need legal assistance. Users can meet with an attorney, participate in a virtual clinic, or attend a court hearing online. Model B kiosks are set up with Zoom software already, so all the users need is their meeting information. When inviting a kiosk user to a virtual meeting, please make sure that the following information is clear:

  • Meeting date and time
  • Meeting ID and password
Other virtual meeting software is not available at this time.

Each Zoom meeting has a unique number called a meeting ID that will be required to join a meeting. This is an example of a Zoom invitation you might generate. Please make sure that the meeting ID and password are included in addition to the meeting link.

Someone is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 123 4567 8910

Passcode: 123456

Help Your User Join the Meeting

You can walk your user through these steps, or refer them to this user support article.

  1. Make sure they are using a Model B kiosk mounted on a table, and not a Model A kiosk mounted to a cart.
To learn more about the difference between a Model A and a Model B kiosk, read more here.
  1. Have them follow the onscreen prompts, selecting Virtual Meeting and Launch Zoom.

  1. A new tab in their browser will open, prompting them to input your Meeting ID number.
  2. This will launch the Zoom application, prompting them to input the password.
  3. They will need to make sure the kiosk's camera is open. There is a pop-up, retractable webcam at the top of the kiosk's monitor. They can push down on the top of it to release it. Once it is popped up, it will work.

  1. Once they have input the meeting information, they should automatically enter the meeting!

Read our other articles about sharing the kiosk screen and giving remote control of the kiosk screen to others during a virtual meeting.

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