Managing Your Kiosk's Reservations Offline

Updated 2 years ago by Triana Kalmanoff

Members of the public (and your staff) can view kiosk locations on our website. Read more about making a legal kiosk reservation here. While we are proving free and easy-to-use software to manage your Model B kiosk reservations online, you can also choose to manage them manually if you choose. If the host site chooses not to manage their reservations online, they can download our PDF to track kiosk reservations, ensuring users can have time at a legal kiosk blocked off for them when they need to attend a court hearing or other meeting.

  1. To manage your kiosk reservations manually, first, make sure that the information on our website is up to date. If your hours or your contact information is incorrect you can make updates with our form.
  2. Download our Weekly Kiosk Reservation template as a word document or PDF.
  3. Edit the hours and/or days as necessary to reflect your location's availability
  4. If you have multiple kiosks you'd like to manage, make sure you have one sheet per kiosk. You can indicate the kiosk's ID# on the top. The kiosk's ID# can be found on the sticker on the lower left-hand corner of the monitor.
  5. When someone calls to make a reservation at your kiosk, write their name down so others know it is unavailable during that time.

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