Using the Document Camera

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Some legal aid organizations and law library locations have document cameras for their Model B kiosks. They allow users to virtually share hard-copy documents and the screen of devices like smartphones with their attorneys and in other meetings. You can use a document camera when you join a virtual meeting or if you are already in one. For instructions on how to host a virtual meeting please read more here.

If you are in a video meeting, you can switch the camera input, either your main camera (showing your face) or the document camera (showing what is on the desk in front of you). To switch from the main camera to the document camera, follow the steps below.

  1. Make sure your document camera is plugged into the back of the monitor.
  2. On the Zoom toolbar, select the camera input with the small ^ on the right side of the video camera icon.
  3. When the Select a Camera options come up, choose IPEVO V4K. The checkmark shows which camera is currently in use.
  4. If you want to switch back to the main camera so your meeting participants are able to see your face, select the same ^ option to the right of the video camera icon on the bottom toolbar, and select Integrated Webcam.
If you have selected Integrated Webcam but no image is registered, make sure your kiosk's webcam is popped up.

Read our other articles about sharing the kiosk screen and giving remote control of the kiosk screen to others during a virtual meeting.

Document Camera Settings

You can find the document camera option buttons on the top of the camera. The lense and built-in mic are located underneath.

  1. Focus button: Focuses the subject.
  2. AutoFocus switch: Sets the focus to Single (S) for static subject, or Continuous (C) for moving subject.
We recommend keeping it set to (S)
  1. Exposure toggle: Provides exposure customization. (+) for a lighter image, (-) for a darker image.

  1. Power indicator: Turns white if the document camera is in use and providing an image.

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